About AcoDyn

AcoDyn is a software project that is developed and maintained by members of the research group 'AG Wittkowski' at the University of Münster in Germany. The project was initially started, because existing fluid dynamics solutions were either to slow, or produced faulty results for one of our ongoing research topics.

Since AcoDyn managed to surpass our expectations even at this early stage in its development and prove itself as useful even outside of the project it was initially developed for, we choice to publish the software. This Website serves as a first simple web-presents for the future development and publication of this software.

About Us

We are a subsection of the scientific research group at the institute for theoretical physics at the University of Münster. Our main research topics are in the field of aktive soft matter. AcoDyn specifically was developed to investigate the properties of acoustically propelled microparticles, but since then we were able to identify a number of other topics that our unique approach to fluid dynamics is well suited for. If you are interested in our research, feel free to look at one of our featured articles below or visit our section on the University's website.